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    Posted on January 29th, 2010 Pam No comments

    Heirlooms vs Hybrids

    I don’t know everything about Heirlooms and Hybrids, but I do know they each have their place.

    1. If you want to become self relient you should learn how to save your own seeds but only from Heirlooms.
    2. If you want to plant the newest and latest vegetables plant Hybrids.

    3. If you want better flavor, plant Heirlooms.
    4. If you want vegetables to keep longer and stay firm (for example tomatoes) plant Hybrids.

    5. If you want vegetables that can adapt to where you live plant Heirlooms.
    6. If you want vegetables that have always grown the same way, plant Hybrids.

    7. If you want to plant Heirlooms, they require a little research, your knowledge can grow from a little study.
    8. If you want to plant Hybrids, just buy the seeds each year and plant.

    9. If you want to save money from the cost of seeds, plant Heirlooms. The first packet of seeds you buy may be your last.
    10. If you are not worried about the cost of seeds, buy Hybrids year after year.

    11. If you plant Heirlooms make sure you only plant one specific type so they don’t cross-pollinate.
    12. If you plant Hybrids, plant any variety anywhere,

    13. Heirlooms are resistant to many diseases.
    14. Hybrids can be resistant to diseases.

    15. Certain Heirloom seeds have been around for Centuries.
    16. Certain Hybrids are only a few years old.

    17. Heirlooms are true to form. The pioneers used the same seeds year after year.
    18. Hybrids are not true to form. You need to buy the same packet year after year, if you can find it.

    19. Heirlooms require planning, you need to plan how much to plant, where to plant, when to save the seeds and how to store the seeds.
    20. Hybrids require less planning, just plant the seeds and harvest the crops.

    21. I guess you can tell I like Heirlooms better, but I just can’t help it. In my oppinion, they ARE better.
    22. But Hybrids do have their place. For example, the wonderful, sweet corn I plant is called Serendipity, it is a Hybrid. It is the sweetest corn I have found, and it stays sweeter longer in the garden.

    If you have questions, please comment. I would love to hear from you.

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