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  • Can you read?

    Posted on March 30th, 2010 Pam No comments

    Thoughts to Think About

    The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them.
    -Mark Twain

  • March Birthday Party

    Posted on March 29th, 2010 Pam 4 comments

    Here are a few pictures, sorry I didn’t get pictures of everyone grilling food, that was the best part. Thanks to everyone for helping, especially Chris and Chantelle, they came early and helped set up. Thanks Chris for fixing the fire so nice, it really worked great !!!!! Chantelle, the tortilla wraps were delicious.

    Some of the activities were: playing jacks, solving a maze, Easter Egg Hunt, chocolate covered strawberries, baseball bash plus other activities. The best part was getting together to have some fun.

    Well I had so much fun putting on this party.  It was so good to get together to enjoy a fun day.

  • Flower Surprise !!!

    Posted on March 29th, 2010 Pam 1 comment

    As I was walking out to get the mail today, I had the most pleasant surprise. The crocus’ by the sidewalk are coming out and they look terrific. Here are a few pictures of them.

    This is a picture of a flower called Glory-of-the-Snow or Chionodoxa, it is in bud getting ready to bloom. It is one of my favorites, it is such a delicate flower.

  • Home Improvements or Making the World a Better Place

    Posted on March 28th, 2010 Pam 3 comments

    I guess today is my day to view life from a philosophical standpoint. What is your philosophy about life in general? Does your philosophy change you and make the world a better place too?

    My Dad would say, “Live your life so when you look back, you have no regrets”.
    My Dad said this a week before he passed away. He said “I have lived a good life, I wouldn’t change a thing. I have no regrets, now enough’s enough”.

    My Dad would also say, “Make hay while the sun shines Nellie”. This means to bale the hay when it is dry enough to bale. If you wait, it may get rained on or ruined. In other words, take advantage of the situation when the time is right.

    My Mother would say, “Clean up your own door-yard first”.
    She usually said this when I complained about something someone else was doing that I didn’t like. It is so easy to see someone else’s mistakes, not noticing our own.

    Another thing my Mother would always say is, “Take advantage of your opportunities”. Sometimes I wouldn’t notice when something was good for me or it didn’t seem like something I would want to do. She would remind me that it was a ‘good’ thing and I should take advantage of it.

    I would like to add, “You are a part of all you meet, so make sure you take advantage of everyone you talk to each day. Learn something from everyone you meet, be interested in them, ask questions of them.

    It is surprising how much you will learn if you do this. You already know what YOU know, take advantage of opportunities to learn from others.

    And, do something for someone, for nothing, every day. Devin and Julie talk about someone they help each day. I think the world would be a much better place if everyone would do something for someone else every day.

  • Snow/Water Answer

    Posted on March 27th, 2010 Pam No comments

    Here is the answer to Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader. The answer is a TEENY TINY bit more than one cup.
    Thanks for all who participated all 5 of you.
    Now next time I have a contest–please tell your friends to participate.
    Next contest is in April.

  • Saturday Quiz, or are you smarter than a Fifth Grader?

    Posted on March 25th, 2010 Pam 5 comments

    I know this has been posted before, but I only had two people reply, so here is a second chance for all of you who forgot to enter (one guess for each member of your family). You MUST guess by Saturday, Marchd 27th at 10:00 am. The winner gets three notecards that I made with pictures of flowers on them. They are very cool and professionaly printed. They are blank on the inside, so you can write a personal message.

    So I wondered how much moisture was in the old snow that was still on my garden and lawn. They talk about the snow pack in the mountains and how much water we will have next year to irrigate farms and to drink. I have heard that there wasn’t much moisture in snow. So I decided to test it myself. I put 2 cups of snow crystals (old snow from drifts in my yard) in a cup and waited for it to melt.

    So take part in my contest. How much water did I get? Winner receives 3 photo greeting cards.

  • Maggie

    Posted on March 24th, 2010 Pam No comments

    Here are pictures of Maggie, my friend Barbara’s dog.  She is so cute but most of all she is SMART.  For example, when Barbara comes home from the store, Maggie searches the packages for dog toys.  She loves new toys.  One day Barbara didn’t buy a toy for Maggie, so she went into Maggies toy box and picked out a toy Maggie hadn’t played with for a while.  She sneeked it into the bag to let Maggie find it.  Well, when Maggie found the toy she just pushed it away with her nose, barked at Barbara then ran away. She knew this toy was not a new toy.