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  • Bits and Pieces

    Posted on March 18th, 2010 Pam No comments

    Here are just a few garden pictures I have taken in the last few weeks.

    They really don’t deserve there own day on my blog, so I just put them all together.

    1. This picture shows a small row of tulips, I planted them about three years ago. That is why they are kind of thick. This picture was taken on March 8, 2010. It shows them coming up through a hard crust.

    2a. This shows a crocus bud. The date is March 8, 2010.

    2b. This shows the same bud on March 14th.

    2c. Here is the very same crocus in full bloom on March 17th.

    2d. This is a darker crocus. I love this picture.

    3. This picture is kind of cool. It shows a pine tree which is about 1 foot tall. The snow has melted all around it. I watched this over and over all winter. This tree is located on the north side of the grainery, so it doesn’t get a lot of sun. I think living plants have their own heat, so the snow melts around them.

    4. This is a picture of my cat Shaker. He has such a different personality, he is a very cool cat. Here I am trying to take pictures of a bouquet of flowers and he has to be ‘involved’.

    5.This is a picture of a Columbine. I can’t believe it has started to grow. It is very soft and delicate.

    6. This is a picture of a mum, I don’t know what kind (notice the lady bug). It doesn’t bloom until fall, and doesn’t get really pretty until it freezes. It is a dark mahogony color. It is next to the house facing east. A perfect growing area.

    7. Here is some lilies. I can’t believe they are up already, again, by house facing east.

    8a. Here are ‘bunch’ of tulips on March 4, 2010.

    8b. Here they are again, on March 17, 2010.

    9a. Speaking of tulips, here are some I forced inside.

    9b. Here they are again March 17th.

    The neat thing about most of these pictures is that it shows the rapid growth this time of the year. Mother Nature at her best.

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