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  • Lots of Tulips are Blooming

    Posted on April 30th, 2010 Pam No comments

    Well, I am getting ready for the Farmer’s Marker tomorrow. Here are pictures of my flower beds as they look today. Also, the tulips I picked getting ready to put them into vases. I hope to sell several bouquets tomorrow at the Market. The Farmer’s Market is on Hitt Road just North of Porter’s Craft & Frame, in Idaho Falls.

    These are tulips on the east side of the house, they are Red Darwin Tulips. I can always count on Darwin Tulips to be the largest.

    Here is a ‘bunch’ of light yellow tulips, this group has lots of buds.

    This is a row of tulips that are about four years old. They are my favorite-always big and pretty. They are Darwin Tulips too.

    Here are some of the tulips I have picked to get ready for tomorrow, lots of tulips and just right for picking and putting in bouquets.

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