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  • Picking Tulips and Daffodils

    Posted on April 29th, 2010 Pam No comments

    Did you know that Daffodils give off a liquid that isn’t good for Tulips?
    So if you are mixing Daffodils and Tulips (and probably other flowers), it is best to condition the Daffodils first. To condition Daffodils just cut the stem underwater and let them stay in that water for about 2 hours. Then you can safely put them with Tulips. But don’t re-cut them.

    Did you also know that is good to trim all flowers underwater before placing them in a bouquet. If you trim first, then put them underwater they take in air and can’t absorb water as easily. So always trim flowers underwater and leave them in that water for about 30 minutes, then arrange them in a bouquet.

    One more tip. When trimming flowers, trim them at a 45 degree angle, this allows them to take in more water. It also creates a point in the stem which makes it easier to slide the stem among the stems already in the vase.

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