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  • Pruning the Pam way

    Posted on April 2nd, 2010 Pam 2 comments

    So I am not an expert at pruning trees and bushes. I am not an expert, I am not an expert. Did you get that?

    So I have been reading up on pruning, my nephew Kyle taught me lots and I attended a seminar, where they talked about about pruning.

    One apple tree (one? how about all !!!), was in great need of pruning, my brother-in-law, Vic pruned this tree over 10 years ago and it hasn’t been pruned since. So I thought I would take on the challenge, now that I know a little about pruning.

    So after much thought and research, I began. I learned that if a tree hasn’t been pruned for a long time, it is best to only prune 1/3 to 1/5 of the tree. So I pruned two large branches that were growing straight up, to open up the center of the tree. I trimmed about 10 other medium sized branches and 30 smaller branches. Here is a picture of the tree before pruning.  You can see how thick it is.

    Here it is after my pruning attempt. You can see it is more open, but there is still plenty to trim, but I will have to wait until next year. How does it look Kyle?

    A little story about this tree. When we first moved to Ammon, there weren’t any trees here. So my Mom and Dad planted a ‘tree row’ in the back, and shortly after planted this Whitney Crab tree in the east pasture. I estimate this tree is about 40-45 years old. About 15 years ago, the east side of the tree cracked and fell over, but that didn’t stop that large branch from blooming and having apples too. For years the branch lived like that, laying on the ground. We were afraid to trim it off for fear that if would kill the rest of the tree. That large branch was about 1/3 of the tree, so when you see the tree now, it is kind of lop-sided, it doesn’t have an east side. Anyway, over 10 years ago Vic trimmed that large branch and pruned the rest of the tree. Vic really knows how to prune trees.

    I love the taste of these apples, Mom always made applesauce from this tree. Yummy, it was the sweetest applesauce in the country…remember…?


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    • Looks Great! I can see the big one you cut out of the middle, that will really help get the light to the middle of the tree. My favorite quote about pruning is: “The right cut is the one you made.” I LOVE the apples on that tree, I remember many times sitting with Grandpa in the doorway of the shop eating those apples. He always used his knife. I loved that he would sometimes cut me a slice off his apple. When we get grafting down I will steal a branch of it from you!

    • I’m glad you can see some of what I did. The pickup is full of branches. Thanks for teaching me so much about pruning. It is really easier than I thought it would be, the hardest part is just to start.

      Thanks for the quote, I love it. I’m sure I will put it to good use.

      A note about grafting. My Mother said her father used straight branches from their trees to build fences. She said the branches (or fence posts) grew into apple trees. They had a fence row of them. I’m not sure but I think she showed them to us once, down on the farm. But, anyway, it might be worth a try for the fun of it. I’m sure they wouldn’t be as hardy, but experimenting is fun. There are a few ‘volunteers’ growing around this tree. I chose to leave them there to see if they are true to form. I know a few years ago one of them had apples on it, but I cut those branches off before I thought about it, or I would already know what the apples tasted like. Maybe this year.

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