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  • To Do — Or Not To Do

    Posted on June 7th, 2010 Pam 1 comment

    Okay, so in case you didn’t know, I am a procrastinator. Surprised? Surprised because I am a procrastinator, or that I just admitted it to the world?

    I am a person that makes lists. I have lists for everything, but have a hard time ever completing them. I usually end up with a huge list with so many things on it, that it becomes overwhelming. Then I start another list, it starts out small, but soon grows out of control again.

    So I just started this new ‘to do’ list technique today. It looks good on paper, I hope it works. I divide the list into three parts.
    1) Must do
    2) Should do
    3) Fun to do

    I try to have at least three things listed in each category, but not more than five. If I have more than five, I list the extras on a separate sheet of paper. Each item not finished, goes into the next day’s list.

    The reason this should work is because the list is divided into three parts, making the list not so overwhelming. When the list is divided into three parts it is like three small lists.

    Now the hard part, actually doing all of the items on the list each day.
    I’ll let you know how it goes.

    One more tip: ‘Do one more thing’. Before going to bed, finish one more thing. I try to do things like get clothes ready for the next day, plan a meal, make a phone call, pay bills or prepare my next list. There are tons of small things to do to make the next day a little less stressful.


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    • Once an efficiency expert approached the president of a large steel corporation and outlined his firm’s services. “It’s no use,” the president responded. “I’m not managing as well as I know how to now. We need more action, not more knowing. If you could get us to do what we know we should, I’d pay you anything you ask.”

      “Fine,” answered the consultant. “I can give you something in a few minutes to increase your action 50 percent. First, write on a blank sheet the six most important tasks you have to do tomorrow. Second, put them in order of their importance. Third, pull the sheet out the first thing tomorrow morning and begin working on item one. Fourth, when you finish it, do item two, then item three. Do this until quitting time. Don’t worry if you finish only two or three, or even if you finish only one item. You’ll be working on the most important ones first. Fifth, take the last five minutes of each working day to make out a new list for the next day’s tasks.”

      Aaronic Priesthood Manual 1, Using Time Wisely

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