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    Posted on October 18th, 2010 Pam No comments

    …the joy of gardening is in doing it yourself, in devising a plan or parts of a plan, reflecting on it, refining it as you go along, revising it, fine-tuning it, figuring out, season by season, how the pieces fit together, what works well together, what has absolutely no interest in living on your property and what is quite happy there.  And in this long process of trial and error, of great plans laid and gone awry, of crushing defeats and tiny victories, a sense of wonder awakens and you begin to realize you are traveling in Concord.  Season to season, year to year, grows an amazement, an appreciation, of just how extraordinary is this tiny sliver of earth and all that is happening on it.

    –Arthur T. Vanderbilt II, ‘Gardening in Eden’

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