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    Posted on October 20th, 2010 Pam No comments

    If you are lucky, you have an automatic watering system!!!!!

    I am not one of those people.

    But, I did learn a few things about how to take better care of a lawn when a sprinkler system is being used.

    1.  Did you know that most people set their sprinklers and never change them the entire season?

    2.  Did you know that it is best to change your sprinkler settings three times during the year.

    3.  It is best to water lawns less in April and May.  We get lots of rain those months and it isn’t very hot yet, so lawns need less water.

    4.  It is best to increase the water on lawns during June, July and August?  These are the hottest months of the year. 

    5.  It is best to decrease water again during September, October and November?  It has become cooler and lawns don’t need as much water.

    6.  The best thing for your lawn is to water deeply twice a week. Rather than water more shallow four times a week or more. Grass roots can be up to two feet deep and a deep watering can reach the deep roots and can help your lawn be more healthy.


    1. Did you know it is best to use a simple lawn fertilizer twice a year? This helps the lawn stay more green. There are lots of four system lawn care products on the market, but in this case simple is better. Use it once in May and once in early August.

    2. Also, according to Aaron at Sunnyside Gardens, when cutting your lawn for that last time in late October or early November cut it as low as you can. Even as low as one inch tall. This will prevent the grass laying down over the winter. If lawn grass lays down over the winter it is more likely to grow mold and the lawn will be less healthy when Spring comes.

    3. Spraying weeds in the lawn is best twice a year. Once in the spring BEFORE THE Dandelions bloom and again in the fall before they bloom again. Spraying when weeds are in blossom increase the chance that the blossoms will have enough energy to go to seed. There is nothing worse than a sprayed lawn with tons of weed seeds blowing all over your lawn and your neighbor’s lawn.

    So good luck with your lawn this Fall and again in the Spring!!!!!

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