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  • Summer Squash Recipe

    Posted on October 15th, 2010 Pam 1 comment

    Have you ever heard of  Patty Pan Squash or Scallop Squash. They are one of my favorite squash to eat while I am waiting for the Winter Squash to rippen. They are so good this way, I hope you will try this recipe.

    This shows a picture of some Patty Pan Squash, these are kind of small, I usually wait until they are twice this large to harvest them.

    First wash the squash, trim the top and bottom, then cut in half.

    With a spoon, take out a small amount of the center.

    Then puncture with a fork.

    Fill the cavity with peppers, onions or even salsa. I used Anaheim peppers. Season if you like.

    Then top with butter.

    Cook in the microwave until soft, then top with cheese. I used pepper jack cheese. If prefered, remove the peppers before adding cheese.

    Return to the microwave and melt the cheese. These make great appetizers.


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