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    Posted on October 6th, 2010 Pam No comments

    Well, have you got weeds, me too !!!!!
    This time of year the weeds will mature and ‘go to seed’. So I thought I would give you some information about weed seeds.

    According to my Great Grandfather Gregerson, there is enough weed seeds in the ground to last 20 years. He also tried to follow the roots of ‘field bindweed’ (wild morning glory) only to discover the roots were over 6 feet deep.

    As Fall is here and the days are getting shorter, all kinds of plants know to mature as quickly as they can. Weed are no different!!! As you can see in this picture, redroot pigweeds will mature when they are only a few inches tall. 

     Below is a picture of a mature weed in my garden, I will dispose of it in a few minutes.  You can see there are lots of tiny seeds in this one plant.

    It is never a good idea to put weeds with seeds in a compost pile. The temperature must be very hot in the compost pile to kill all the seeds.  So don’t take the chance.

    Take a few minutes to pull weeds that are going to seed, being careful not to knock the small seeds to the ground.

    According to ‘Zone 4 Magazine’,
    Redroot pigweed can have as many as 5,000 seeds and they will be viabile for up to 40 years and have roots up to 4 feet deep.
    One dandelion can have up to 3,000 seeds and roots up to 10 feet deep.
    Field bindweed can have up to 9,000 seeds and the seeds last up to 50 years, their roots can be as deep as 30 feet.
    Canada thistle can have 7,000 seeds and are viabile to up to 10 years with roots up to 10 feet deep.
    Common purslane and have up to 1 million seeds and last up to 30 years.  No wonder my Mother pulled these weeds and put them in her pocket, to place later in the garbage!!!!!  We used to have lots of purslane, but because of her years of dedication, only a few are ever seen in the garden.

    This is just a sample of what can be going on in your garden. So spend a little extra time in your garden this week to pull those weeds. Some weeds are anuals, so it isn’t as important to get the roots, they will die pretty soon when it freezes.

    But some weeds are perenials, for example field bindweed and thistle can be sprayed this time of year with great results. I use Roundup and 2-4D after I have harvested all of my vegetables with a noticable improvement the next year.

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