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    Posted on November 29th, 2010 Pam No comments

    You may have already seen these tips, but I have added a few more and decided to post them again.

    Winter driving conditions are here, I thought I might list a few little known safety tips.

    Just as a car windshield gets dirty during driving and especially during a rain or snow storm, so does car headlights. Be aware of dirty film that may buildup on lights, making night driving dangerous. Keep all lights clean.

    When at a gas station, clean lights as well as the windshield.

    Keep a bottle of window cleaner in your car along with some towels. We’ve all been there, when we are out of windshield washer fluid and the windshield is covered in grime.

    Traveling during a snow storm, snow may build up on all of your lights, headlights, breaklights and even turning signals. Cars now have newer lights that don’t get hot like the older cars, so snow does not melt off of the lights, making safe driving an issue.

    Make sure to clean all frost and snow from all windows before driving. It is for everyone’s safety.

    During winter months always keep a shovel, extra gloves, blankets, coats and extra warm clothes in each vehicle.

    It is also a good idea to keep some snacks and a gallon of water in case you need them. NOTE: Keep the gallon of water in a tub and secure it so it won’t spill. Don’t fill it to the top, leave at least three inches of space at the top to allow room to freeze.

    Please reply with any other ideas !!!!!

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