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    Posted on November 13th, 2010 Pam 1 comment

    If you are like me, your garden hoses are still in the garden. Why you ask? Well I don’t know, we did have a extra long Fall and I did have lots of time to put them away, but just didn’t get around to it. I did get all of my bushes and trees watered when the weather was still good. I wanted just one more week of good weather. Now the hoses are under 2″ of snow!!!

    So I thought I would give tips about cold weather hoses.

    1. When the weather begins to get cold and the temperature drops to the high 30’s it is time to unhook all hoses from the house. Did you know that the freezing water in the hoses can make the water pipes so cold it can FREEZE THE WATER PIPES IN THE HOUSE!!!!! So unhook all hoses or keep the water running in the hoses 24 hours a day to give trees and bushes a good drink before Winter comes.

    2. NEVER WALK ON A FROZEN HOSE, NEVER MOVE A FROZEN HOSE. Frozen hoses break very easily. Growing up my Dad always reminded me in no uncertain terms NEVER to step on a frozen or cold hose, whether it had water running in it or not.

    3. Wait for a warm day, drain the hoses of water, then roll the hoses and put them away.

    4. Note to self: next year try to do it earlier.

    So, now I am waiting for that warm day, I hope it comes!!!


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