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    Posted on November 27th, 2010 Pam No comments

    As there is over a foot of snow outside, my thoughts turn to gardening…what else?

    Reasons to have your own garden.

    1. It is a cheap way to raise your own food and know where it came from.
    2. It is nice to have fresh vegetables that also taste good.
    3. It is good exercise.
    4. It is fun to learn new garden techniques.
    5. It is fun to grow new and different vegetables and flowers.
    6. It is nice to visit with other gardeners about the latest flowers or vegetables.
    7. It is rewarding to see your efforts bloom.
    8. It is fun to improve your gardening skills, learning more every day, every year.
    9. It is therapeutic.
    10. It brings families closer together as you teach each other how to garden.

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