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    Posted on December 11th, 2010 Pam No comments

    As many of you know I really don’t know that much about computers, how they work, why they work and what makes them NOT WORK and why they don’t work.
    I Googled for a firewall and what I got was not good. A window popped up that I thought was the link I was looking for, but instead it was a WORM, A HOOK, A TROGAN OR A BAD THING. It asked me to defragment so I went ahead and clicked the button in the window, but I shouldn’t have. It slowly took control over my computer, first removing my wallpaper, then my tool bar then all of my icons…my computer screen was BLACK!!!!!
    But thanks to Devin and Kent, they fixed all of my problems. It turns out this BLOUK just makes you think you lost your hard drive and puts some kind of a screen over it and wants you to buy their product to fix your computer’s CRITICAL HARD DRIVE ERRORS!!!!!
    Anyway, things are back to normal – except I am more careful now and I hope not to make that mistake again.
    The thing is, I don’t realize the seriousness of things until they happen to me!!! So everyone–be more careful.

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