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    Posted on January 7th, 2011 Pam No comments

    More of us are communicating on Facebook these days, but be careful what you post on public sites.

    Kim Komando gives these safety tips.

    1. Never leave your complete birthday, use a day next to your day if you want. But NEVER leave the year.
    2. Never use a home address, for obvious reasons.
    3. Don’t let people know of your vacation, until you get back.
    4. NEVER leave cell phones or home phones.
    5. Don’t post inappropriate behavior.
    6. Don’t post your children’s full names.
    7. Insurance companies use Facebook for fraud cases.
    8. IRS also checks Facebook accounts.

    Remember EVERYONE can read what you write.

    Kim Komando has a talk radio show which deals with anything electronic.

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