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    Posted on January 4th, 2011 Pam No comments

    Did you know that flossing your teeth can actually add SIX years to your life!!!!!!!

    According to Dr. Kari Peterson, not only can flossing save your teeth, but it can prevent other kinds of health diseases not related to your teeth.  It prevents inflammatory gum disease which is linked to heart disease, diabetes and heart attacks. So for all-over health, floss every day!!!

    She also suggested to consider a flu shot,  50,000 people die from flu and colds each year.  Make sure to keep our boosters and shots current, such as a tetanus shot (every 10 years), or pneumonia shot (for people over 65 years of age). Also make sure children are up-to-date with their vaccinations too.

    Another thing to think about this year is high volume on our audio systems. If someone else can hear your ipod it is probably too loud. Once you loose your hearing it is gone, so be very aware of loud music, tv and video games.

    Dr Peterson appeared on ‘The Today Show’ with these health ideas to start in the NEW YEAR. She is a writer for Women and Men health magazines.

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