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    Posted on January 11th, 2011 Pam 9 comments

    Today is 1.11.11, so I had this idea to start a contest.
    I have gained a little (little – ha) weight over the last 15 years.
    So it is finally time to say goodbye to that extra 40 lbs.
    Here are the rules for the contest:

    1. Weigh yourself January 12th.
    2. Have a witness verify your weight.
    3. Record your weight.
    4. On February 11th weigh yourself again.
    5. Email or text me your weight loss.
    6. Winner gets $25 worth of photo note cards.
    7. May the best loser win!!!

    Recommended loss 5 pounds.
    Ties will be broken by coin toss.
    Pass on this blog to others so they can lose too.
    Also, let me know if you are up for it.


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    • I’m not sure this contest is completely fair… for me. I hope you do it next year too, when I can participate!

    • I know Missy!!! I thought about that, maybe your contest is to GAIN five pounds in a month.

    • I’m in. I am back on the treadmill today.

    • Sounds easy enough…since I tend to run about four miles every day at work…so may the best looser win!

    • Kat will be participating too. I like the motivation. I think Ky will try too, he is still thinking about it.
      I don’t know about Missy gaining five pounds in a month I think she could gain five just by sitting on the couch- that baby is going to start to put on some real weight soon!

    • I’m in!

    • Taylor says she is in as well…just one question…is it pounds lost or percentage? Percentage would be more fair…???

    • Thanks for your participation!!!! I think there are eight of us including Kyle. Kyle? Yes, Taylor a percentage would be more fair but for now just the greatest loss. Also, I found out that men can lose weight faster because their have higher metabolism rate. Did you know that metabolism is the set of chemical reactions that happen in living organisms to maintain life? The human body gets energy from food through metabolism.
      So men and women should be in separate categorys, we could also consider age and health. Anyway, my goal was to just challenge all of us to lose weight, so for now we are all in the same category. Thanks for your suggestions.
      Good luck everyone!!!!!

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