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    Posted on February 19th, 2011 Pam No comments

    Real live gardening will be starting soon. If this hasn’t been done, now is a good time to check all seeds and take an inventory. Some of the seeds may be too old to plant this year, so test them in a moist paper towel and place the towel in a zip-lock bag. Check them every few days to see if any of the seeds have germinated. If most of them germinate, great, if not, throw them away. Or increase the number of ‘older’ seeds planted. Try writing the percentage of germination on the package, this will help when planting.

    If you have lots of seed packets, an easy way to keep track of all seed types is to group them together and place the groups in their own clear zip-lock bag. I group them this way.
    1. Lettuce, spinach
    2. Watermelon, Cantalope
    3. Squash
    4. Radishes
    5. Broccoli, Cauliflower
    6. Tomatoes
    7. Herbs
    8. Pumpkins
    9. Cucumbers
    10. Peppers

    Here are a few of my seeds in their plastic bags.

    This really helps to find each group quickly, without going through all of your seeds when you are ready to plant from each group. Also, seeds don’t get overlooked when organized this way.

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