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    Posted on February 24th, 2011 Pam No comments

    Tomato cages are great for holding tomatoes off the ground. They keep the tomato plant upright so it gets more sun and makes harvesting easier.
    But tomato cages aren’t just for tomatoes. I have several uses for them here they are:
    1. Tomatoes, of course.
    2. Peppers, some peppers like serano & cayenne branches break easily, cages help protect them from wind damage.
    3. Beans, helps with the drying process.
    4. Peas, yields will go up and cages encourage the vines to continue grow.
    5. Peonies, helps suport the heavy blossoms.
    6. Lilies, helps protect the delicate new growth.
    7. Any plant you want to protect from winter weather, hoses, footsteps and hoes.
    8. Marks any plant or seed that is still under-ground.
    9. Supports any plant that needs a little extra protection.

    Here is a picture of some Ancho Peppers with cages around them. There are two pepper plants inside of an old tire. I've found that tires help keep the temperature warmer and more constant.

    Some people may think having tomato cages everywhere just isn’t that attractive. But as the plants begin to grow, the cages is almost completely covered. So, if you can deal with a month of wire exposure, it soon all but disapears. I think the advantages are well worth it. Note: some plants are so heavy with fruit, the cages may need to be staked.

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