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    Posted on March 10th, 2011 Pam 2 comments

    So I haven’t been posting very many pictures lately, so… time to catch up.

    Here is a few pictures I have taken lately.

    This is Chelsea, she is really growing and has a very cute smile.

    Chelsea smiling at her Mom.

    This is my Niece Anna, what a cutie.

    Anna loves to have fun and loves to smile.

    My Nephew, Nicholas, what a smile!!

    He loves to kick!! Still smiling.

    This is my favorite, he loves his puppy.


    Posted on March 10th, 2011 Pam No comments

    Wisdom is the right use of knowledge.

    Knowledge comes by taking things apart, but wisdom comes by putting things together.

    The world does not pay for what a person knows; it pays for what he does with what he knows.