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    Posted on March 30th, 2011 Pam No comments

    Soon it will be time to apply dormant oil to trees and bushes.  It is best to spray dormant oil when the normal temperture during the day is at least 50 degrees.  It is important to spray in the Spring before the trees and bushes begin to bud out.  

    Dormant oil is great to kill adult bugs and eggs, (like aphid, mites and scales.)  The oil blocks the air holes in pests so they can’t breathe.

    I have used it for several years now and I love the results I have seen from it’s use.  It reduces the amount of aphids I see have had on my plum trees and almost completely eliminates worms in my apples.  Please remember to read the labels carefully!

    I use it on lilacs, snowball bushes, plum trees, apple trees, rose bushes, and in some of my flowers where I have pest trouble. It makes a difference when you apply this oil.  Temperature, time of day, time of year, moisture and other factors will determine the success of this product.

    Some Dormant Oil is petroleum-based oil, though it doesn’t have harsh chemicals, it isn’t considered a truly organic. According to Della Barnett, (Willard Bay Gardens), “My favorite non-petroleum-based dormant oil is Neem oil. It is also good for any control of insects, mites and disease on any type of plants, at any time of year. It has been used for centuries but has only in the last several years become readily available at retail stores instead of just mail ordering.”

    I found on the Internet a neem oil product called Trilogy, that shows good results as a fungicide and insecticide, anytime of the year. I am going to try it through the year, I like the fact that it is organic.

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