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    Posted on March 22nd, 2011 Pam No comments

    Here are pictures of my garden I took last week. Followed by pictures I took today in the snow. What a difference!!!

    These are daffodils pretty small yet.

    Here are tulips that are planted next to the house. They are about 2 inches tall now.

    These are Lilies that are next to the east of the house, they look cold to me!!

    These are Crocus they should bloom any day now.

    This is a picture of a day lily on the east side of the house. It looks very delicate, I can't believe how green it is and how much it has started to grow.

    More tulips, don't they look strong?

    This is a picture of Yellow Alyssum, I can’t believe it lived through the winter!!

    Here it is what we've been waiting for!!! The first blossom of Spring!!!!

    Here are the same crocus blossoms under two inches of snow today!!!!

    Snow covered tulips

    A row of snow covered tulips.

    When will Spring be here to stay???

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