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    Posted on March 28th, 2011 Pam 3 comments

    I thought I would give you an update on my cat Shaker.

    He has his own movie on Youtube check it out here.

    He is a nice cat most of the time…..

    This is a picture of Shaker setting up, he isn't too happy about it, but setting up just the same.

    Here is another picture of Shaker, this time being very very nice. He doesn't look like he has a mean bone in his body.


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    • Hi Pam! I am also “Pam Olsen”! I was doing a wordpress search since I also have a wordpress site and there you were! I’ve been poking about a bit and I see we have similar interests. I love working in my yards and am very interested in starting my own veggies since my husband and I are trying to eat better and all. I’m in the Sacramento area of California. I don’t see yet where you’re from? Anyway – love the site and I will visit you here often! Great looking kitty btw!

    • I love SHAKER!!! He’s so fun, and yet lovable too. You could only know that if you were his only source for food and love at one point (even if it was only for a week). I love him!

    • Thanks for the comments!! Yes, Shaker is a one of a kind kitty, if he would ever let anyone get to know him. I wonder if he even lets me know the REAL him.
      Pam, what a cool name right? I live in eastern Idaho. In California you can grow so much more than I can, we live in zone 4.5, very cold. Good luck with growing your own vegetables. I guess gardening is my passion now, I would rather garden or talk about gardening than do anything else. Thanks again for the comments.

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