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    Posted on March 29th, 2011 Pam No comments

    It is time now to apply Casoron, it is great for preventing weeds. Casoron is a granual applied directly to the soil to prevent the growth of weeds. It works best if applied before any sign of weeds are present. If there is any sign of green growth, it is too late this year.

    Casoron is a pre-emergent, which means that it will not allow anything to germinate and come up through the soil. That is, except woody plants and trees. Also, be careful not to apply too much, if applied too heavily it will even kill woody plants, READ THE LABEL CAREFULLY!!!

    I have used Casoron around my Raspberries, Currants and mature trees with great results for years. I dispense it with a hand spreader that has a gauge from one to four. I put the gauge on the smallest number. Casoron isn’t organic, it is important to wear a protective face mask, and protective clothing. Again, READ THE LABEL CAREFULLY!!!

    Casoron can also be used around planter borders and driveways. It is best if it is watered in after application. Remember, don’t put it on too thick, sprinkle it about as thick as salt and pepper.  For best results, rake all weeds and leaves away, so the Casoron comes in contact with bare ground.

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