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    Posted on May 5th, 2011 Pam 2 comments

    Everything in the garden is starting to come to life.  Tulips are budding and blooming.  Daffodils are in full bloom. 

    Here are a few pictures to show what I mean, these were taken May 4th and 5th of 2011.

    Here are a 'bunch' of tulips in the front yard. Small, but thick.

    These are Daffodils, they are the 'double' kind.

    This is just one bunch of Daffodils, the buds have doubled in numbers each year.

    This is my Crown Imperial, showing yellow buds, ready to bloom.

    More pictures from the flower bed in the front yard.

    This is my curved flower bed in the East garden. Daffodils blooming, tulips in bud. Taken May 4, 2011.

    This is the same garden spot, May 5, 2010.

    Same place, lots of tulips blooming last year on the same date.

    These are the tulips I sold at the Farmer's Market last year, on May 1st.

    Okay, back to this year, more tulips.

    Daffodils I forced to bloom on the back porch.

    There are 13 main types of Daffodils, but over 15,000 varieties. Here are nine varieties I have.

    Also, here is my May 5th bouquet.

    There are over 20 Daffodils in this bouquet!!!


    Posted on May 5th, 2011 Pam 1 comment

    Don’t expect a thousand-dollar answer to a ten-cent prayer.

    When life knocks you to your knees, you’re in position to pray.

    Prayer can keep us out of trouble a lot easier than it can get us out of trouble.

    Don’t pray for an easy life, pray to be a stronger person.

    The tragedy of our day is not unanswered prayers, but unoffered prayers.