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    Posted on May 9th, 2011 Pam 2 comments

    Think of it…fresh veggies for a fresh salad.

    There are a few crops that can take some frost and can be planted now in most areas.
    1. SPINACH, I have spinach in my garden now that wintered over, what a surprise!!!
    2. BROCCOLI, I had small flowerettes way into the late fall.
    3. RADISH, these wonderful additions to salads are wonderful late in the year and early too.
    4. CABBAGE, sweet, early or late.
    5. ENDIVE, this lettuce favorite adds variety to any salad.
    6. ONIONS, again, early or late. Plant Scallions for wonderful young green onions.
    7. POTATOES, even when they are planted very early they can usually recover from a killing frost.
    8. CAULIFLOWER, same as cabbage early or late.
    9. CRESS, this wonderful vegetable can sometimes seed itself early in the Spring.
    10. CELERY, try this, you will love this fresh from the garden. These need to be started 6 to 8 weeks early and transplanted into the garden.

    A note about CARROTS, they endure frost late in the year. But remember, don’t plant too early, the weather needs to be warm in order for them to sprout.