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    Posted on May 7th, 2011 Pam No comments

    This is the season for early bulbs to start or maybe even finish blooming. My Tulips are just starting to bloom now, buy my Daffodils are going strong.

    There is nothing better than a fresh bouquet of flowers from your garden on display in your house.

    So there is a couple of things to remember about these two most popular flowers.

    Daffodils have a thick liquid that leaks out of the bottom of the stem. When putting Tulips and Daffodils together in a vase, the liquid from the Daffodils will harm the Tulips. So if they must go together in a vase, put the Daffodils in water for about two hours first. Then put them together in a bouquet.

    Oh and one more thing, take a picture. It is a way to enjoy your garden next Winter.

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