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    Posted on May 2nd, 2011 Pam 80 comments

    Well, another month — another contest.
    Thanks again for all of those that entered last month, this month should be much bigger and better.
    The winner receives a new Fuji Digital Camera, worth $100. (this is really a great camera!!!!)
    For pictures of the camera and to look at pictures taken by the camera click here.

    NOTE: The subjects this month are CHILDREN & ANIMALS. Any type of animal and any type of child.
    Only one picture of each subject may be submitted. If a child or animal is included in a group that does count as being entered once.

    1. You can enter each day if you would like, but send ONLY ONE PHOTOGRAPH EACH DAY.
    2. The contest starts today, May 2, 2011 and goes until May 31, 2011.
    3. Here is the tricky part. Do not duplicate subjects, send only one picture of each subject. For example, if you have five children, send only one picture of each child. Only one picture of a cat, one picture of a dog, one buffalo, you get the idea. So this means, pick your favorite picture of each subject and send it, I only want your best.
    4. ONLY PICTURES TAKEN BY YOU ARE ELIGIBLE, pictures entered by ‘Frank’ must be taken by ‘Frank’.
    5. You can’t submit for someone else, everyone must enter their own pictures, using their own email.
    6. Your pictures are safe with me, I will ONLY use the images to judge the contest.
    7. Here is how to submit a photograph. Use this May 2nd blog to submit your entries. Just add a caption in the comment box, then attach the image using the browse button in the box below the comment box, then click ‘submit comment’.
    8. Bribing the judge (ME) is prohibited, but you can always try.
    9. Remember, enter only one picture per day.
    10. Because this is a family site, keep your photographs child friendly!!!!!
    11. Breaking any rule will disqualify you for that entry and that day.

    12. Any picture that has been used in a prior contest CAN BE USED AGAIN  !!!!!!!!

    Good luck everyone, please tell your friends and family to enter.


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    • Photo #4
      Pretty in Pink

      From Pam: Great picture, you have a way with composition and natural smiles!!!

    • Morning in the garden with a hummingbird

    • 1st birthday cake!

    • Photo#5
      Blessing for Chelsea

      From Pam: Great picture, one of my favorites!!!!!!!

    • So camel. I just want to offer him a toothbrush!

    • Kyle trying to fill my shoes – that will never happen – mom’s are pretty tough to keep up with. 1978

    • We were playing Hide and Seek at the Barn. Katie hid in the cupboard – we had a hard time finding her. 2009

      From Pam: Cute picture, wasn’t she scared in the dark cupboard?

    • Photo#6
      Madison on the Slide

      From Pam: WoW you can really get the smiles out of the pictures you take.

    • Sean all decked out for skate-boarding 2010

      From Pam: I love all the gear. Great shot, it shows action.

    • Photo #7
      Full of Smiles

      From Pam: Cute picture I love the composition. I agree, cute smile.

    • Lori and Shane Oler in the tire swing 1972. The tire swing was the most fun part of a visit to grandma’s house The grandkids all loved it and had to take turns. Sometimes they just couldn’t wait and had to share. My dad made the tire swing out of an old tire. He cut it just right and turned it inside out.

      From Pam: I love the history of the pictures you submit, this is one of my favorites!!!!!!!

    • Devin licking the spatula after I frosted a cake. March 1981.

      From Pam: Okay, I love this child, but THOSE PANTS!!!!!!!

    • Binky, our first pet. She was our pacifier until the children came.

      From Pam: I loved Binky, what a fun dog.

    • My cub scouts practicing knots 1982

      From Pam: I didn’t realize they had tied one of the scouts up!!!

    • Your cat just ate my fairy!

      One night a beautiful luna moth was outside our window. I grabbed my camera to take a picture of the moth, but just as I did the neighbor’s cat jumped up on the windowsill and ATE the beautiful moth!

      From Pam: I wish my cat could catch things, great timing!!

    • Missy is a cute little ghost – Halloween 1986

      From Pam: One of my favorites!!!!!! I looooove this picture.

    • Where’s the Frosted Flakes?

      From Pam: Great picture, I feel like I am there. One of my favorites!!!

    • Ashley helping with the cement work around the deck. Oct 2005

      From Pam: Great picture Kathy, I love the huge gloves on a cute kid.

    • photo#8
      Babysitting fun!!

      From Pam: Who is this good looking kid??? What a perfect smile!!

    • Holly for Christmas 1988

      From Pam: Great picture, the kids loved her.

    • Feeding the fish in the Bahamas 2008. Look closely – there is a whole school of fish around this guy who is feeding them Fruit Loops

      From Pam: The only GOOD use for Fruit Loops!!!!

    • Buffalo in Yellowstone Park 1987

      From Pam: WoW you were close, great shot.

    • Back-lit elk.

      From Pam: I love this picture, one of my favorites!!!

    • Keiko the Whale. He was the star of the movie “Free Willie”. He was in the Oregon Coast Acquarium when we saw him.

    • Cats are funny – they find the craziest places to play.

    • A Mountain goat in Yellowstone Park 1996. He was right beside the road.

    • Candy Apple Day

    • A giant squid at the acuarium in Oregon – vacation 1996

    • Big Horn Sheep, a view from the car window.

    • Feeding chipmunks on McKenzie Pass – Oregon vacation 1996

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