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    Posted on May 2nd, 2011 Pam 80 comments

    Well, another month — another contest.
    Thanks again for all of those that entered last month, this month should be much bigger and better.
    The winner receives a new Fuji Digital Camera, worth $100. (this is really a great camera!!!!)
    For pictures of the camera and to look at pictures taken by the camera click here.

    NOTE: The subjects this month are CHILDREN & ANIMALS. Any type of animal and any type of child.
    Only one picture of each subject may be submitted. If a child or animal is included in a group that does count as being entered once.

    1. You can enter each day if you would like, but send ONLY ONE PHOTOGRAPH EACH DAY.
    2. The contest starts today, May 2, 2011 and goes until May 31, 2011.
    3. Here is the tricky part. Do not duplicate subjects, send only one picture of each subject. For example, if you have five children, send only one picture of each child. Only one picture of a cat, one picture of a dog, one buffalo, you get the idea. So this means, pick your favorite picture of each subject and send it, I only want your best.
    4. ONLY PICTURES TAKEN BY YOU ARE ELIGIBLE, pictures entered by ‘Frank’ must be taken by ‘Frank’.
    5. You can’t submit for someone else, everyone must enter their own pictures, using their own email.
    6. Your pictures are safe with me, I will ONLY use the images to judge the contest.
    7. Here is how to submit a photograph. Use this May 2nd blog to submit your entries. Just add a caption in the comment box, then attach the image using the browse button in the box below the comment box, then click ‘submit comment’.
    8. Bribing the judge (ME) is prohibited, but you can always try.
    9. Remember, enter only one picture per day.
    10. Because this is a family site, keep your photographs child friendly!!!!!
    11. Breaking any rule will disqualify you for that entry and that day.

    12. Any picture that has been used in a prior contest CAN BE USED AGAIN  !!!!!!!!

    Good luck everyone, please tell your friends and family to enter.


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    • Katie jumping in the leaves 2007

      From Pam: I love this picture, you really captured the ‘action’ here. The blurry parts of the picture show movement, GREAT JOB!!!!

    • ‘THOUGHT’

      The horse seems to be listening quietly.

      Granddaughter Bri, and our trainers horse, Jake.

      Note to Pam~ Thanks for hosting these contests! They are fun…I am going to put on my FB page in hopes you reach your goal of 600 entries. LOL (no bribe intended) 🙂

      From Pam: Thanks Mary, I love your entries!!!!!!! This one is very good!!!!

    • Angry Elf.

      Nick clearly loves the elf outfit that his Auntie bought for him 🙂

      Nick was 2 weeks, 2 days old.

      From Pam: This will be one of my all time favorite photos, I love it.

    • Ashley and Katie about 2 years ago, in the campus orchards.

      From Pam: I absolutely love the lighting AND the color in this photo.

    • Where’s the Fish?

    • Bird on a wire.

    • Makenzi curtis

      I’m Hungry

      From Pam: Animals are so entertaining.

    • Diana Stubbs

      Whale Watching in Maui, Feb. 2009

    • Chris in Grandpa’s hat and coat 1985

      From Pam: What a CLASSIC !!


      Another grandchild Gary with his cattail ‘sword’ on an evening of fishing. Poor guy got bored fishing sitting still… and like little boys can, started to make do with natural toys around him while the adults continued to fish. As it was getting dark I noticed he was silhouetted against the setting sun and captured this photo.

      From Pam: What a great photograph!!! This truly one of a kind.

    • Wow, this is going to be some stiff competition!!! Amazing pictures.

      This one is called “A Mother Heart”.

      It’s one of my friends with her son when he was only a few months old.

      From Pam: Great job. I love the expression on the babies face.

    • Photo #1
      So Kaite

      From Pam: I love the composition on this photo. Great background.

    • Diana Stubbs


      From Pam: Great expression from a great puppy.

    • Kitten on the keys – our cat Suma at age 14+ with Kyle as he practiced piano

    • TWO in ONE (Gull & Pelican)

      I was actually photographing Pelicans by Farmington’s Waterfowl Management Area…when someone feeding ducks threw a piece of bread by this Pelican. A Seagull swooped in too get the piece of bread resulting in this half action, half still photo. Thought it came out interesting as it still almost left a full body photo of the Pelican.

      From Pam: Isn’t it interesting when a photograph just happens. Luck is sometimes involved in a great photograph.

    • My cute little friend Laura Kate

      From Pam: What a cute picture, a great smile!!!!

    • Noble Venture

      From Pam: Great timing on this photograph!!!!

    • Makenzi curtis

      We were driving to North Canyon Park and saw a bunch of deer. While we were walking down the hill this deer kept putting its head up so I got really close to it and it put its head up again, so I just snapped the picture.

    • I shot this with a 1964 Nikon that was a gift from my dad. (trying to post again…)

    • This is the picture I tried to enter last night

      From Pam: Great picture, even Santa gets tired.

    • Vic and a sloth – Vic is the one behind

      From Pam: I like this photo, but LOVE the caption.


      My sister’s friends daughter caught in a game of dress up carrying her brand new puppy (of less than a day)

    • There were always pigeons on the other side of the window. Frank would sit there for hours watching the shadows through the blocks of glass.

      From Pam: Cats have a way of entertaining themselves…and us.

    • My friend’s baby

      From Pam: What a cute face. I love the smile!!!!!

    • Photo #2
      Kami Looks

      From Pam: Thanks for entering this photograph Melissa, I love the composition and the black and white effect.

    • Thank goodness for a telephoto lens.

      From Pam: Is this bear thinking LUNCH???? Great photo, love the composition.

    • “Windows to her soul”
      This is my daughter when she was about 11 months old.

      From Pam: What a beautiful baby. So intense.

    • Ready for a nap.

      From Pam: I love this picture. Sometimes I feel like this. This is one ov my favorites.

    • too much vacationing – Mahon fell asleep. What is with the toy tractor in his mouth? Glacier Park 1986

      From Pam: What!!!!! Great picture Kathy. Mahon will never live this down!!!!!! I laugh everytime I think of it, I am still laughing.
      This is one of my favorites.

    • A face only a monkey could love?

      I liked it too 🙂 so inquisitive.

    • I did a photo shoot with this little girl last year… I just love the intense look on her face here.

      From Pam: What a busy girl, she looks like she is a quick mover, dress and all. Cute picture.

    • “What? I’m supposed to kick it, not sit on it?”

      I love his little face, but since it’s my nephew I am probably a little biased!

      From Pam: He does have a cute face, this picture is full of action too.

    • Red panda sleeping in a tree.

    • Cole loves his new sunglasses – now, how to keep them from falling off?

    • Another little boy I did a shoot with last summer.

    • Alaskan Caribou

    • 2 year old Trinity playing ‘Peek-a-boo’ through plastic chain link door entrance a few months ago.

      From Pam: Great picture Mary, you have a way of ‘capturing’ the moment!!!!

    • Babe and Choice 1967 – Babe is a great horse from our childhood days. She was gentle and let us ride double, triple and we sometimes set up shots with 6 kids on her back. We always rode her bareback. Choice is the colt – she is half Arabian. Pam was her trainer from the time she was born. Pam went on to ride Choice in parades and show her in horse shows where she won lots of ribbons. Yes, Pam definitely loves horses.

      From Pam: Thanks for the great picture Kathy, I love it!!!!!

    • Makenzi curtis


    • ‘Tulip Caper’

      This photo was taken a BBQ with family. The children had been instructed to NOT pick the flowers in the yard…when I CAUGHT Aiden picking a tulip with my camera (haha)…I laughed when I saw this photo as it truly depicts Aidens mischievous and sometimes disobedient behavior all over his little boy face (complete with a healing wound on his nose from a prior adventure). Truly all boy, even in the flowers!

    • Diana Stubbs

      A baby deer resting under the hitching post in front of our house.

      From Pam: Wow, cool picture Diana, nice parking place for a deer.

    • Twin calves 1967. They weren’t really twins, one was adopted because the mother had enough milk for both. But the mother wouldn’t let the “adopted” one suck – so dad tied the calves together so when one ate, the other could too. Worked like a charm.

      From Pam: I remember those calves, Dad did that quite often. Great picture!!!

    • A sandpiper actually standing still, for once!

      From Pam: Great picture, I love the beach!!!

    • Katie was trying not to smile. I think you can see one behind the smirk :/

    • Gene leading Seven. Pam would ride her horse over for a visit, which we all enjoyed. 1976

      From Pam: Great picture Kathy, I love the memory.

    • This is Anna when she was about 2 months old.

      From Pam: Great picture Devin, one of my favorites!!!!!!!!

    • Photo #3
      Dog in a Tree

      From Pam: I have always loved this picture of April. Great picture Melissa!!!! One of my favorites.

    • Makenzi curtis

      This is just me and my grandma Mary having a little fun.

    • Anna playing on the pumpkin 2010.

      From Pam: Gotta love the colors and the kid in this picture.

    • My 2 favorite granddaughters, MaKayla and Hailey

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