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    Posted on May 10th, 2011 Pam No comments

    1. If picked lettuce tastes bitter, or has a milky sap it has been picked too late. If the sap is clear it is right for picking. Try cutting lettuce with a knife or sizzors, it may come back for a second or third harvest.

    2. To help rough garden hands, rub petroleum jelly into your hands. Put on clean cloth gloves and work in the garden as usual. The warm weather opens the pores and absorbs the moisture. Turn the gloves inside out and wash them. Your hands will feel great!!

    3. Pam vegetable cooking spray (I call it Pam in a can), can be sprayed on garden tools to help keep them clean. It helps the snow from sticking on snow shovels too.

    4. When harvesting herbs, usually trim the top third of the stems.

    5. Most plants purchased from the nursery have been heavily fertilized, wait a few weeks before applying additional nutrients.

    6. Save money by buying small plants in 4 packs or 6 packs, rather than in gallon or two gallon size pots. In about four weeks after transplanting in the garden, they will grow as large as the large pots and seem to be able to adapt quicker too. Sometimes the large plants are root bound and old.

    7. Try to purchase plants from the nursery or greenhouse that are in bud but haven’t bloomed yet. They will be able to adjust quicker than plants that are blooming. Even plants that look good without blooms are even better, they will spend their energy on roots rather than producing fruit.

    8. NO MORE ANTS !!!!! Sprinkle baking powder here and there and ants are gone in 24 hours. Bay leaves, coffee grounds, vinegar, charcoal, lemon juice and mint also repel ants. Boiling water is also an organic solution. I recommend these solutions for outdoors.

    9. Container plants need more water and more fertilizer than plants that are in the soil. The pots are exposed to heat on all sides, so they dry out quicker, so they need more water. Because of the extra water, nutrients leach out, so the plants require more fertilizer.

    10. Planting season is just around the corner!!!! Read, seed and be happy.

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