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    Posted on May 30th, 2011 Pam No comments

    I have probably already said this before…..

    But here goes.

    Tulips are almost through blooming this time of year, they were beautiful, they showed promises of Spring. But, they are gone now. Never fear, other flowers will be blooming soon to replace the tulips.

    Just a few reminders about caring for tulips after the blossoms have faded.
    1. Cut the stem off above the first leaf. Leave as many leaves on the tulip stem as possible.
    2. Keep the tulip leaves on until they turn yellow, the leaves feed the bulb so the blossom will be bigger next year.
    3. The top of the stem has a seed pod, if this isn’t removed the tulip spends lots of it’s energy toward seeds, not strengthing the bulb. If the tulip stem hasn’t been cut, at least snap off the seed pod.
    4. Mark places in the garden that need more tulips or need tulips to be divided. Don’t wait to do this or the tulips leaves will fade and it will be hard to remember where the tulips were.
    5. Take pictures of the tulips, to enjoy them next winter and to document placement and color.

    Remember, plant tulip bulbs in September and October. Plant lots and then get ready to enjoy them next Spring.

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