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    Posted on June 2nd, 2011 Pam 47 comments

    June 2nd already—so time for another contest.
    Thanks again for all of those that entered last month, this month should be much bigger and better.
    The winner receives a new 7 inch HD Television, worth $75. (this is really a great little TV!!!!)
    Pictures of the TV will be posted next week.

    NOTE: The subject this month is ‘IN THE GARDEN’. Types of garden pictures are: flowers, fruits, vegetables, people in the garden, blossoms, lawns, beautiful yards and garden layouts.
    Only one picture of each subject may be submitted. Only enter one subject once.

    1. You can enter each day if you would like, but send ONLY ONE PHOTOGRAPH EACH DAY.
    2. The contest starts today, June 2, 2011 and goes until June 30, 2011.
    3. Here is the tricky part. Do not duplicate subjects, send only one picture of each subject. For example, if you have five pictures of tulips, send only the best picture you have. Only one picture of a pumpkin, one picture of a flowering apple tree, and one picture of a group of lilies, or a single lilie, you get the idea. So this means, pick your favorite picture of each subject and send it, I only want your best.
    4. ONLY PICTURES TAKEN BY YOU ARE ELIGIBLE, pictures entered by ‘Frank’ must be taken by ‘Frank’.
    5. You can’t submit for someone else, everyone must enter their own pictures, using their own email.
    6. Your pictures are safe with me, I will ONLY use the images to judge the contest.
    7. Here is how to submit a photograph. Use this June 2nd blog to submit your entries. Just add a caption in the comment box, then attach the image using the browse button in the box below the comment box, then click ‘submit comment’.
    8. Bribing the judge (ME) is prohibited, but you can always try.
    9. Remember, enter only one picture per day.
    10. Because this is a family site, keep your photographs child friendly!!!!!
    11. Breaking any rule will disqualify you for that entry and that day.
    12. Any picture that has been used in a prior contest CAN BE USED AGAIN !!!!!!!!

    Good luck everyone, please tell your friends and family to enter.


    Posted on June 2nd, 2011 Pam No comments

    Thanks to all of you for entering the May Photo Contest!!!!!
    There were 80 entries!!!!!!
    The pictures were soooo good, it was very hard to choose!!! Keep up the good work!!!

    Kathy entered every day!!!!!! What dedication!!!! Thanks Kathy for your support.
    Please try to tell everyone about the June contest which starts tomorrow!!!!!!

    The winner will be announced tomorrow!!
    Remember, the winner receives a NEW DIGITAL CAMERA, (VERY COOL).

    So here are the top 15, in no particular order.

    FROM KATHY; Missy is a cute little ghost – Halloween 1986

    FROM BARBARA; Big Horn Sheep, a view from the car window.

    FROM KATHY; Devin licking the spatula after I frosted a cake. March 1981

    FROM MELISSA; Blessing for Chelsea

    FROM DIANA STUBBS; A baby deer resting under the hitching post in front of our house.



    FROM CINDY BALDWIN; This one is called “A Mother Heart”.

    FROM MARY CATON; The horse seems to be listening quietly.

    FROM KATHY; too much vacationing – Mahon fell asleep. What is with the toy tractor in his mouth? Glacier Park 1986

    FROM MELISSA; Dog in a Tree

    FROM BARBARA; Where's the Frosted Flakes?

    FROM MELISSA; Pretty in pink.

    FROM KATHY; Lori and Shane Oler in the tire swing 1972.

    FROM CINDY BALDWIN; Ashley and Katie about 2 years ago, in the campus orchards.



    Posted on June 2nd, 2011 Pam 1 comment

    Below is the winner of the May photo contest!!!!!!

    Kathy is the WINNER!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!
    Kathy, you just won the Digital Camera!!!!!!

    too much vacationing – Mahon fell asleep. What is with the toy tractor in his mouth? Glacier Park 1986


    Posted on June 2nd, 2011 Pam No comments

    Notice, I didn’t say killing weeds, I said controlling. Controlling is a better, more realistic word. I found out the hard way, killing weeds doesn’t always work. Did you know there are about 20 years of weed seeds in your soil? If weeds aren’t prevented from going to seed, there will be thousands more weed seeds added to the weed seeds already in the garden.

    So try not to let the weeds get out of hand, weed them when they are small, when they are easy to control. Don’t get me wrong, I have had lots of large weeds and sometimes my garden doesn’t look as good as I would like. So I try to prevent weeds from coming up in the first place.

    My Mother used to say ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. This is so true when it comes to weeds. Below is a list of several products I have good luck with.

    1. Caserone
    Caserone is a granule, it can be found at most Greenhouses or Home Improvement Stores. It is $25 to $30 for an 8 pound bag. It is a pre-emergent, meaning that it prevents germination so nothing can come up through the ground. It can be used around woody plants, such as trees, raspberries, currants and shrubs (read the label carefully). NOTE: Raspberries have new starts coming in the early Spring. Caserone DOES allow the raspberries, currants to come up through the barrier it makes. In fact, it is a raspberry garden’s miracle. I use it around my trees and in my raspberries, currants and down some rows of my garden. I also use it on ditch banks, pathways and around plants after they have come up, but it is very strong stuff, so I wouldn’t get it too close to the plants. It works best when applied in the Fall after everything has died back, or in the Spring before anything begins to turn green. I sometimes apply it in a walk-behind fertilizer spreader, on the smallest setting. Or it can be spread by hand, spread it about as thick as you would use pepper. Sometimes I use a hand held fertilizer spreader (this works good for ditch banks). It is best if you water it in, or have a rain storm to soak it in. Don’t put it on too thick, for best results rake all weeds off first, so it goes on bare ground. Still, I have had good results even if some dry grass or dead weeds are present.

    2. Preen
    Preen is a granule, it is easy to find in any store that sells garden supplies. Use it around flowers or vegetables that are already up. Mix it in the ground around the plants, it will prevent anything from coming up. If you want the plants to spread, don’t put it too close to the plants. I usually put it on in the early Spring to prevent weeds from coming around the flower beds or by the driveway. It only lasts about 6 to 8 weeks, so you will have to reapply it. It is less expensive than Caserone, but in some ways it is less effective.

    3. Hi Yield Grass Killer
    Hi Yield Grass Killer is a miracle worker, it actually kills quack grass, lawn grass or any other kind of grass in flower beds without killing the flowers. Yes, that’s right, it doesn’t kill the flowers. My cousin Debbie told me about it four or five years ago, and I have used it every year since. My Mother had some flowers along the driveway, about 100 feet long, the quack grass had gotten out of hand there and was about four feet tall. It was so bad that some flowers were choked out completely. More than 15 Lilies hadn’t grown above ground or bloomed in years, but came back and are blooming now. I spray this area at least twice a year and am controlling it very nicely. One or two areas are still quite grassy, but the grass has gone from four feet to about 6″ so I feel much better about it. It is best to spray it in the early Spring, when the grass is about 3″ to 6″ tall and tender, then repeat in about 6 weeks. Always use a spreader sticker with the spray, mix 1-to-1. Read the labels carefully!

    4. Round up
    Most of you have heard of Round up, and I use it sparingly. I sometimes use a small hand sprayer and spray the weed directly. I usually spray thistle and morning glory, with Round up, I have had good results spot spraying. I spot spray about once a month. Don’t spray too close to your plants and vegetables, Round up will drift to other plants. Make sure to read the label directions carefully. Time of year and temperature can make a big difference in the results.

    Always use a mask, rubber gloves, long sleeves and boots when applying sprays or granules, read the labels carefully!!!! If you are spraying, consider early morning, the winds are calmer and the weather is cooler.

    Updated from my blog, gardenyourlife, Monday, March 2, 2009


    Posted on June 2nd, 2011 Pam No comments

    Smile often and give your frown a rest.

    When you meet a man without a smile, give him one of yours.

    If there is a smile in your heart, your face will show it.

    The happiest people in the world may be those that are too busy to notice whether they are happy or not.

    No one can define happiness. You have to be unhappy to understand it.