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    Posted on June 3rd, 2011 Pam No comments

    I sometimes use gallon cans around or next to some of my plants. I learned this method from my Parents, and I also found this example in an old garden book printed in the 1930’s. It is a very simple method and I recommend it to everyone.

    Plan ahead to get cans from a local school cafeteria. Ask them to cut both ends off.

    This is how it works. After you plant tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, eggplant, artichoke, broccoli, cauliflower from the plants you raised or purchased from the nursery, place a gallon can over the top. Push it in the soil about two inches. Make sure both ends are removed.

    Using a can AROUND a new transplant will do several things:
    1. Protect it from wind damage.
    2. Keep in the moisture.
    3. Keep in the heat, for a more consistent temperature.
    4. It allows you to fertilize by putting the fertilizer directly in the can and watering it in.
    5. It is easy to water the plant and gives the plant more water. I fill the can full, but not running over.
    6. Keeps the weeds outside the can from growing as much, because they don’t receive as much water.

    How to use a can NEXT to other plants. When planting cucumbers, cantaloupe, watermelon, squash and pumpkins, place the gallon can NEXT to the plant. I put it on the south side of the plant, to protect the delicate plant from the cold Spring winds. Sometimes I put one can between two plants.

    I create a large bowl with soil, two to three inches high and one to two feet around the plants. I water these plants in the cans also. I just let the can overflow with water and fill the large bowl. This system insures that the plant will get at least one gallon of water each time you water it. It will stay moist longer and its roots will move to the water.

    Watering in the can will also keep the weeds around the plant from growing. This is the biggest advantage of this system. You will have to hand water the plants, but the reduction of weeds will be worth it.

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