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    Posted on June 7th, 2011 Pam No comments

    Okay so this is probably the first time you have heard the word creating when talking about gardening. Sometimes you just need to be creative. Like starting seeds in the bathtub (more about that later).
    This may be your first garden, if so, congratulations !!! What a big step. A garden will be a great improvement in your garden and on your table. Start small and do some research. You will have so many decisions to make. Such as where to plant, what to plant and how much to plant.

    Lets start with where to plant.
    1. Choose a sunny location.
    2. Well drained soil
    3. Keep your first garden small.
    4. Plant it in a close, convenient spot, one that you can see from your kitchen window.

    Next, what to plant.
    1. Vegetables your family likes to eat.
    2. Lots of veggies for salads.
    3. Plant a variety.
    4. Have fun with your garden, try something new.

    Last, how much to plant.
    1. Plant in a compact area, make the most of your space.
    2. Decide if you plan to eat the vegetables fresh or do some canning too.
    3. Estimate how much you will harvest from a certain vegetable and then plant accordingly.
    4. Try this, keep track of what vegetables you buy for a few weeks. Then plant what you think you will need. Keep in mind that you will eat differently out of your garden than out of the store. For example, you will probably use radishes and green onions from your garden in a salad, but may not go to the extra expense if you buy them at the store.

    My Mother used to say, plant too much so you will have enough.
    Plant what you eat and eat what you plant.

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