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    Posted on June 2nd, 2011 Pam No comments

    Thanks to all of you for entering the May Photo Contest!!!!!
    There were 80 entries!!!!!!
    The pictures were soooo good, it was very hard to choose!!! Keep up the good work!!!

    Kathy entered every day!!!!!! What dedication!!!! Thanks Kathy for your support.
    Please try to tell everyone about the June contest which starts tomorrow!!!!!!

    The winner will be announced tomorrow!!
    Remember, the winner receives a NEW DIGITAL CAMERA, (VERY COOL).

    So here are the top 15, in no particular order.

    FROM KATHY; Missy is a cute little ghost – Halloween 1986

    FROM BARBARA; Big Horn Sheep, a view from the car window.

    FROM KATHY; Devin licking the spatula after I frosted a cake. March 1981

    FROM MELISSA; Blessing for Chelsea

    FROM DIANA STUBBS; A baby deer resting under the hitching post in front of our house.



    FROM CINDY BALDWIN; This one is called “A Mother Heart”.

    FROM MARY CATON; The horse seems to be listening quietly.

    FROM KATHY; too much vacationing – Mahon fell asleep. What is with the toy tractor in his mouth? Glacier Park 1986

    FROM MELISSA; Dog in a Tree

    FROM BARBARA; Where's the Frosted Flakes?

    FROM MELISSA; Pretty in pink.

    FROM KATHY; Lori and Shane Oler in the tire swing 1972.

    FROM CINDY BALDWIN; Ashley and Katie about 2 years ago, in the campus orchards.


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