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    Posted on July 2nd, 2011 Pam 42 comments

    Okay, here is the information for the July photo contest. The subjects for this month are landscapes and/or water. So water of any kind and landscapes of any kind, with or without people. Sunsets and sunrises are considered landscapes too.

    The prizes for this month are 10 photo cards and one 45 page notepad with personalized pictures. Prizes this month are worth over $50!!

    For more contest rules check out the June 2 blog.



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    • Garrett and I went on a photo shoot one morning when it was… well.. see for yourself.

      FROM PAM: I am loving the pictures all of you are sending!!!! This contest is better than ever!!!! Love this picture Devin, I call pictures like this a mood shot.

    • Sunrise over Rexburg. A great birthday gift – Feb 2010. There is a shaft of light coming straight up – I’ve never seen that before or since.

    • Ten Sleep Pass on the way to Buffalo, WY 1975

    • The most brilliant sunset I’ve seen in my lifetime!…without disclosing my age I WILL say I have seen many, many sunsets…lol.

      Photo taken from my front porch and even though the photo is untouched, I can recall even this picture doesn’t do that sunset justice.

      It had been a stormy day (Nov. 17th, 2010) and there was finally a break from the frequent storms we were having last fall for a few hours…the result was this.

      FROM PAM: That is a very pretty sunset. I think all of us have witnessed one of those in our lifetime. In my opinion, we only get one.

    • Devil’s Slide between Ogden, Utah and Evanston, Wyoming 1985. I like to try to figure out which earthquake or other natural wonder caused this. The internet says it happened 75 million years ago. Interesting!

    • A rainy day, again, last fall. Beautiful at the same time.

      FROM PAM: Your composition is perfect, my eye followed the path and back again. I love the fall colors in this picture.

    • Still workin’ on those landscapes, but here’s a water picture. It was taken at a lake in the Sawtooth Mtns last fall.

    • I visited Temple Square a few years ago with my parents. The sun was just right for this reflection shot.

      FROM PAM: Great picture Devin, you always notice the unusual angles.

    • While in Canada in 2008, Chantelle’s folks took Vic & I on a sight seeing trip. We hiked into this lake. It was so clear – you could see clear to the bottom.

      FROM PAM: I really like the composition of this picture Kathy. The colors are great too. What a neat shot.

    • Yellow-headed Blackbird by some water

      FROM PAM: I really like the colors in this picture, good job!!!

    • Mt. Rainier – the pilot said we were going to do some mountain sight seeing. By the time I got my camera out, I had missed the closest shot. But we are still close!!!

      FROM PAM: I love this picture too!!!! I can’t believe the detail !!!

    • Promontory POint where the east meets the west. The railroad is no longer there, but you can walk the route. This photo shows a gap that was carved through the hill. 2007

    • Lighthouse on the Oregon coast – vacation 1996

    • With a son born on the day that Mt. St. Helens blew its top, it was a must see. 1996

      FROM PAM: All I can say is WOW. People, if you haven’t enlarged this picture do it now. It is fantastic.

    • Part of Lewis and Clark trail in Montana. We were hiking when my daughter pointed this natural rock formation out…the likeness of a man including mustache and eyeglasses. Can you find him? I thought this was so neat being it was not chiseled into the mountain rock…and so detailed!

      FROM PAM: YES I found him, pretty cool. I usually miss things like that.

    • Ky at Cedar Badge. Treasure Mt. Scout camp has beautiful scenery.

    • The first time my kids and I saw the ocean – 1996

      FROM PAM: Great picture Kathy, I love the color.

    • This was taken the same day as the fog photo. It’s called Grotto Falls, near Payson, Utah.

    • This the open-pit mine in Butte, Montana. It was still operating at the time. The trucks look small – like match box cars, but they are really huge. Their tires are so big that a grown man can only reach the upper rim. 1975

    • We visited Julie’s grandparents a few years back. This was taken out the window of a Suburban going about 45 mph.

    • Antelope Island beach…loved the sharp contrast of this Sunflower plant against the desert-like landscape. While one blossom is ‘spent’ (done blooming) another bud is yet unopened on the same plant…to me representing renewal.

    • Bear Tooth Pass – 1987. you may need to enlarge to see the Bear’s Tooth, but it is fantastic.

    • My grandson Gary skipping rocks in the Great Salt Lake.

    • Big Hole River in MT. With a field of fresh cut hay in the background.

    • Hebgen Lake – an earthquake moved this rock into the middle of the road. The quake happened in the 1950’s, caused a mountain to slide down and block the river making another lake – Quake Lake. 1986

    • Old Faithful – taken in 2005 while our Granddaughter Sydney was visiting. Our whole family went and enjoyed the time together.

    • Glacier Park 1986

    • I found these water birds out at the Great Salt Lake interesting! I would imagine they were feeding on Brine Shrimp.

    • The causeway on the way out to Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake. 1994

    • Deer on a hill…in the mountains.

    • The windmill farm – there are hundreds of them up on the foothills above Ammon. A must see! 2011.

    • The lake at Camp Cumorah – 2011

    • Our cruise ship taken from Half Moon Key in the Florida Keys – 2008

    • Mahon Baldwin

      This was taken at Yellowstone at the Upper Falls… it was a little stormy.

    • The is the skyline of Panama City. After riding the train from the Carribean Ocean across Panama to Panama City, we were able to view the Pacific Ocean. 2008 You might enlarge it to see it better.

    • The Panama Canal Railway – a fun ride across Panama from North to South (yes, the Panama Canal runs north and south) and then back. There were girls on the train (native Panamaians) who gave us snacks just like the stewardesses do on the airplanes. They also sang to us some songs from Panama. It was really fun. It took 50 minutes on the train to go from one side of the country to the other.

    • Mahon Baldwin

      This was near Teton National Park.

    • A banana plantation in Costa Rica 2008

    • Rough seas – 2008

    • A snowdrift in the backyard – (I would guess 1970’s) Those pine trees have really grown since then.

    • This was taken at the top of Mount Baldy in the Uinta National Forest. I used to be an assistant scoutmaster, and this was a hike we took after an overnight campout.

    • The Grand Canyon – 2002. Yes, even with my fear of heights, this picture proves I was there (thanks to Vic for his arm of support)

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