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    Posted on December 3rd, 2011 Pam No comments

    Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know that much about batteries.

    I know it is best to take the old battery in the store to buy a replacement because writing down the number that is etched in the battery may not be enough. Sometimes a 389 and a 390 may work the same.

    I know that a small 1.5 volt and a 12 volt battery looks about the same.

    I know that when I replaced the battery in a small clock a common watch battery worked fine.

    I know that it is best to have spare batteries on hand so you can change batteries without delay.

    But here is what I didn’t know.

    1. It is best to charge a cell phone battery for only four hours rather than overnight. A good idea is to charge it when coming home from work and unplugging it when going to bed. (I know charging it overnight is more convenient, but it is not good for the life of the battery.)

    2. Using a car charger to charge a cell phone is not good for the battery either. It uses a quick charge and charges a phone much faster than the home charger, but faster isn’t always better.

    3. Only charge a battery when it is very low, try to charge it once a day for several hours rather than several times a day an hour at a time.  Always try to charge it completely.

    4. A battery as it adds more charges, becomes less able to hold the charge and will need to be replaced.

    5. A typical cell phone battery only has about 1000 charges, use them carefully.

    6. Usually this information isn’t given out when buying a phone. So when the battery loses life and you go in to buy a replacement, usually buying a new phone is cheaper. But not only is a new phone purchased, but so is a new two year contract.

    7. As a cell phone battery goes bad, it becomes fat not flat, that is one more way to tell if the life of the battery is decreasing.

    Thanks to Batteries Plus + for the battery tips.

    Batteries Plus + have great batteries, great prices and great advice.

    If you have other tips and tricks to add please let me know.

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