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    Posted on December 6th, 2011 Pam No comments

    So here it is December 6th and probably the last thing on your mind is gardening. But actually this is the best time of the year to ‘garden’. It is easy to take a step back and remember all the neat things that happened during the gardening year. Here are a few easy and fun ways to ‘garden’ during the Winter.

    Review and update garden records.     If waiting to update a garden journal until next Spring many of the lessons, tips and shortcuts learned this past garden season will be long forgotten. But by taking a few minutes to write down a few notes about what happened in the garden, it will pay off next year when planning or planting your 2012 garden. If pictures were taken refer to them, it is surprising how much one picture will reveal. Sometimes by thinking of each item in your garden, there might be something to write down that will help grow a better garden next year. Ask family members too, each one will remember something different.

    Read gardening books and magazines.     Read up on vegetables, flowers, fruits and new techniques for the garden. This time of year the libraries are full of gardening books. I’m finding the garden subjects are endless. I just went to my local library. I was so surprised at the number of gardening books that were available. What is so good about reading the libraries’ books is that reviewing and reading is FREE. They are so full of ideas I am constantly taking notes and learning about things I want to try next year.

    These are a few of the great books found in my local library.

    Garden catalogs.     Now is a good time to order garden catalogs too. By ordering the catalogs early, there will be enough time to order those favorite seeds in time for early planting.

    Here are a few of my favorite catalogs. Baker Creek only sells Heirloom seeds (lower left) and is a GREAT catalog. Most of these have a lot of information about flowers and vegetables.

    Garden tools.     Clean and sharpen garden tools, put them away for the Winter. Make note of ones that need handles replaced or oiled.

    Christmas list.     Gardeners love gardening Christmas presents. Books, tools, magazines anything to do with the garden. Make a wish list on Amazon and let everyone know it is there.



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