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    Posted on December 14th, 2011 Pam No comments

    Okay, so the last few weeks I have returned to blogging.

    But I don’t think any of you noticed!!!!!

    I know Christmas is coming, but so is Spring!!!!

    So here is an invitation to check out my blog again.


    So the other day

    I wanted to make something to eat

    But didn’t want to spend a lot of time

    I love watching cooking shows

    But really don’t cook very much

    I saw a can of Campbell’s Tomato soup

    So I decided to make it

    I looked in the fridge to get some milk…

    I prefer milk to water

    I saw a can of V8 juice

    I thought….

    Why not try V8 instead of milk?

    So I did!!!!

    It was very very good

    I used the entire 12 ounces of V8

    You know how tomato soup from the can tastes kind of watery and cheap?

    Well when adding V8 it tastes great

    I added pepper and Zesty seasoning salt

    (You can get Zesty seasoning salt at Dollar Tree dollar store)

    The Zesty seasoning salt makes it kind of spicy

    It was sooooo yummy

    It was sooooo thick

    I loved it

    Try it

    Then let me know how you liked it


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