Welcome to my new website. It will be both fun and informative. It will have five of my favorite topics: pictures, thoughts, recipes, gardening ideas and did you know? Please enjoy, leave comments, ask questions and visit often.
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    Posted on January 4th, 2013 Pam No comments

    Welcome to week 1 of 50 weeks of gardening information, (Thanksgiving and Christmas off).
    The garden topics will be broad, informative and interesting, but most of all they will be fast and easy tips. Something very easy to work on each week. Hopefully at the end of the year we will all learn to garden a little better.

    WEEK 1
    Order garden catalogs.
    Order a variety of catalogs through this link http://www.gardenlist.com/ or google garden catalogs and get started. Most catalogs are free, I recommend ordering at least five. Order now because some of them may take several weeks to arrive. I like Baker Creek, NE Seed, Seed Savers, Territorial Seed Catalog, and of course the most famous Gurneys Catalog.

    Aren’t some of you itching to get out an work in the soil?
    Look at some of the pictures taken of your garden last year, or thumb through a garden catalog and all the garden juices start flowing.

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