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    Posted on January 11th, 2013 Pam No comments

    Last week we talked about garden catalogs. This week we will talk about books and magazines.
    Save money by checking them out at the library. Most libraries have huge selections on a variety of gardening subjects. Libraries usually have a three-week checkout period with three renewals, that is a total of 12 weeks per book, plenty of time to read or sift through the books. Some libraries allow families to check out up to 50 books, that is a lot of free reading.

    It is a good idea to make notes while going through the books or magazines. If interested in a variety of subjects, file the information under different topics. This makes it easier to find when wanting to review the subjects weeks later.

    This works as well with magazines, magazines purchased from stores are expensive, as well purchasing a subscription. Check a few out at the library first to see if there is time to read them every month and if they hold enough valuable information to order the subscription.

    After reading several books, purchasing some books for reference might be useful, but it is best to check them out at the library first before going to any added expense. Also, Amazon has the feature ‘look inside’ for many of their books and previews are available for up to 20 pages of selected books. They usually show the index and table of contents too. This feature has helped me with many books I have purchased.

    Avid gardeners may want to choose one subject each year to study in great depth. Many books are written about one subject in great detail, such as lettuce, tomatoes or lillies. Reading more about them might make it fun to experiment with a few new vegetables or flowers this year.

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