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    Posted on January 18th, 2013 Pam No comments

    This week let’s take a family survey. For example, a family of five may have two adults and three children, but only one person may be the gardener. Try to make gardening more of a family activity by involving everyone. Include the children no matter the age. It is surprising what positive additions youth lends to the garden. It is a good idea to let them choose a few vegetables or flowers to plant.

    Make up a survey by asking questions like:
    What vegetables do you like to eat?
    What flowers do you enjoy?
    Would you like to plant or maintain your own area of the garden or yard?
    Would you like to try something new?

    Asking questions like these will enlighten you as to the interests, wants and needs of your entire family. Maybe trying something new will excite a family member into being more of a part of the garden activities.
    The reason most people garden is that it’s fun, but sometimes you have to make it fun. It’s fun to look at the new garden catalogs (you should be getting them by now if you ordered them during week 1) and let everyone choose a few things to plant.

    Include in the survey things like what improvement projects would you like to see in your yard. One large project and three small projects per year are good goals to work toward. So let everyone be a part of the choices that are made. Someone may come up with an exciting project that may not have been thought of before.

    Take time to organize the survey and let everyone have a few days to complete it. Keep the survey short, 10 to 15 questions. Help small children by using pictures to aid in their choices. After gathering information from the survey, you will have lots of choices in your garden this year.

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