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    Posted on January 17th, 2013 Pam 1 comment

    Procrastination, we all do it, but did you know that most of the things that we usually postpone can be accomplished in less than a minute?

    Here are my top 10:
    1. Untie my shoes before taking them off
    2. Floss my teeth
    3. Take out the garbage
    4. Pay a bill
    5. Return a phone call or email
    6. Water the house plants
    7. Make a grocery list
    8. Read an motivating thought
    9. Do a good deed.
    10. Smile
    Don’t get me wrong, I do these things but not as quickly as I should.

    Do you have some to add to this list?
    Comment with your top 10.


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    • Putting dishes in the dishwasher, fold clothes, charge a battery, read a book to the little guy, & make a healthy snack (instead of a healthy one).
      PS! You better call me back! It’s been so long since we’ve had a good long conversation!

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