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    Posted on January 26th, 2013 Pam No comments

    I know we all have been reminded of most of these driving tips, but here they are again.
    Please read them and tell a friend about them.

    1. Keep extra food, (snacks, candybars) in your car.
    2. Keep extra blankets and extra coats in your car.
    3. Keep extra gloves, hats and scarves in your car.
    4. Keep a snow shovel in your car.
    5. Keep rock salt in a plastic milk container in your car.
    6. Keep a flashlight with new batteries in your car.
    7. Keep some kind of flare or orange cones in your car.

    1. Clear off ALL snow and ice from the windshield, back window, side mirrors and windows.
    2. Clear off snow and ice from the windshield fluid sprayers, so you can clean your windshield if necessary.
    3. Use washer fluid that has an antifreeze, then your windshield will stay clear.
    4. Reduce your speed, because it takes longer to stop, and the faster you go the less control you have.
    5. Leave enough room between you and others.
    6. Be aware of black ice.
    7. Steer your car into the skid.
    8. Invest in good snow tires with plenty of tread.

    1. Never use cruise control on slick or snowy roads.
    2. Remember to clean headlights often when driving on slushy or salty roads.
    3. More crashes happen in winter than any other time, so please SLOW DOWN.

    Please comment if you have others.

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