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    Posted on February 6th, 2013 Pam No comments

    I wanted to show how tulips continue to grow after picking them. They usually grow at least two more inches and get larger too.
    This was last Monday night, just after picking, (this tulip was forced to grow inside in water.)

    This shows a cut tulip next to a measuring tape. The height today is 19"

    This shows a tape measure that is at the top of the tulip.

    This is Wednesday morning, you can see the tulip has grown about 1.5 inches.

    Here is a picture of the tulip today, Wednesday about 8:00 am. I haven't changed the measuring tape.

    This is a close-up of the tulip. Yep, grown about 1.5 inches in 1.5 days.

    This is an update on my Hyacinths. They smell soooooo sweet!!

    Here is the last picture of the tulip test. This was taken February 14th and has grown a total of 4.75 inches from when it was picked on February 4th (10 days ago). I didn't re-trim this tulip, it would have lasted longer if I would have trimmed it.

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