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  • Week 8, 50 weeks of gardening

    Posted on March 28th, 2013 Pam 2 comments

    Onion sets can be planted now, if the ground is dry enough to be worked.  If large onions are wanted, plant them about 5-7 inches apart.  If small ‘green’ onions are wanted, plant them 2” inches apart.  I usually plant them in a row that is about 12” wide.  I plant about 3-4 across the row. This allows me to have some large onions and pick some for green onions too.  But, a note of caution, it is best to thin out the onions by harvesting the smallest ones and leave the larger ones.  This way they can keep growing so they will be bigger when harvesting in the fall.

    A quick note about garlic.  If your garlic has been mulched, it is best to uncover the mulch gradually.  They will need time to adjust to the colder temperatures and harden in.

    Roses that have been mulched should also be uncovered now.

    Raspberries and Currents can be transplanted now. Raspberries and Currents are dormant now, so this time is the best time to transplant.  They adjust to the transition more smoothly if moved early in the year.  Determine the length and width of the row, taking into consideration that the plants will usually spread.  I just transplanted some today and I planted them about 3′ apart and plan for them to spread 3′ wide.  I planted some ever-bearing raspberries.  They will continue to continue to produce if they are picked regularly.  These raspberries will start bearing the end of July and continue until it snows.  I can’t wait to see how they produce.

    Now is also a good time to transplant trees. Some greenhouses have bare root trees on sale now for a discounted price.  It is best to buy an older tree, one that is 5-7 feet tall rather than plant a young 2-3 foot tree.  An older tree is more expensive, but it will bare fruit sooner.  Sometimes up to three years sooner.

    A quick note about soil. When the ground is wet, it can be compacted and become very hard. Then it becomes too hard to plant or dig in.  ‘NEVER’ walk on soil when it is wet, unless that area is going to be a pathway.  It may be a good idea to determine pathways and always use those areas to walk on.  Stand on the paths and reach across to access the plants when weeding or planting.

    Sometimes accomplishing everything on the week specified is not convenient.  Remember, these are just MY SUGGESTIONS, adjust if necessary, plant earlier or later, according to different areas of the country and of course, YOUR SCHEDULE.

    Jan. 4th Week 1 Order gardening catalogs
    Jan. 11th Week 2 Check out Books & Magazines from Library
    Jan. 18th Week 3 Family survey
    Jan. 25th Week 4 Garden Journal, study gardening books
    Feb. 1st Week 5 Seed inventory, test seeds
    Feb. 8th Week 6 Make a garden plan
    Feb. 15th Week 7 How much to plant
    Feb. 22nd Week 8 Buy seeds
    Mar. 1st Week 9 Plant onion seeds and artichokes
    Mar. 8th Week 10 Trim Raspberries and apply Caseron
    Mar. 15th Week 11 Plant broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage seeds
    Mar. 22nd Week 12 Plant flower seeds & herbs
    Mar. 29th Week 13 Plant onion sets, plant raspberry starts
    Apr. 5th Week 14 Plant tomato, pepper seeds
    Apr. 12th Week 15 Transplant broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage if ready
    Apr. 19th Week 16 Plant salad greens, radishes, cress, peas
    Apr. 26th Week 17 Plant melons  & cucumber seeds for transplanting later
    May 3rd Week 18 FERTILIZE when planting melons, cucumbers, squash, pumpkin seeds in garden


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    • Hi Pam! We met today in your beautiful garden, and you were kind enough to teach me about planting garlic and other vegetables. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! I’ve just read several of your blog posts and realized that I already made a few mistakes in planting my fall garden. I will definitely use your tips next time!

    • Thanks for stopping by today. I always enjoy talking about gardening. Please stop again. Good luck planting garlic this fall. Thanks for checking out my website. If you have other questions please let me know.

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