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    Posted on March 30th, 2013 Pam No comments

    One day walking along the shore, a teacher and a student came upon a beach littered with thousands of storm-tossed starfish, writhing and dying in the hot sun.  Without a word, the teacher scooped up a starfish and gently deposited it in the waves.

    Overwhelmed by the sheer multitude of the suffering creatures, the student just stood and watched as the teacher picked up another starfish, and jet another, releasing them in the healing safety of the cool green water.

    At last, the student spoke.  “Teacher, what is the use in even trying? There are too many.  How can you make any difference?”

    The teacher lifted another starfish from the burning sand and carried it into the surf to set it free,  Then turned to the student. “I’ll bet it made a difference to that one!”

    –Author unknown

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