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    Posted on May 31st, 2013 Pam No comments

    Now is the time for planting tomato and pepper seeds.  They are slow to germinate, so plant them now.  I usually plant them in a flat that has 32 compartments.  The compartments are about 2” square.  Depending on how old the seeds are, I usually plant two seeds per 2” cup.  Then thin them out to one per cup when they are about 2” tall.    Just a note about seeds, if the seeds are expensive, or if you just have a few, only plant one seed per cup.

    If they are planted now, they should be ready to transplant around May 31st.

    Only plant the seeds in a cold frame, greenhouse or inside with a grow light.

    A short note about the use of heating pads.  Heading pads are electric pads that make the flat warm, this allows the plants to germinate and grow much quicker.  Sometimes peppers and tomatoes can germinate 7-14 days faster. I have used them with great success.

    If planting tomato and pepper seeds for the first time, congratulations. You are in for a treat.  I learned so much the first time I planted seeds like this.

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