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    Posted on September 30th, 2013 Pam 2 comments
    It is very easy to grow. Here are some steps to growing garlic the easy way.

    1. Only plant garlic purchased from a garden center, commercial greenhouse or me. NEVER plant garlic from the grocery store. The largest garlic I have grown is called Musik, some cloves can be as large as a golf ball.
    2. Plant mid September or early October.
    3. Divide the bulb into the separate cloves. Try to keep the thin paper on the cloves.
    4. Dig a hole or furrow and water well.
    5. Plant cloves 3″ – 4″ deep, pointed side up.
    6. Plant about 8″- 12″ apart. If planting several in one row, stagger the cloves.
    7. Fertilize and cover with soil.
    8. Mulch with grass clippings, leaves, potting soil or straw, I like straw the best.
    9. In the spring, carefully rake off the straw and use it as mulch in garden paths, it helps keep weeds down. It is best to uncover the mulch gradually in the spring. The garlic will be 6″-8″ tall. The leaves will be tender, so uncover slowly over a few days. Uncovering them in the evening is also a good idea.
    10. Water at least 1″ per week, 2″ is better.  Reduce watering as harvest time grows near.
    11. After a few months ‘scapes ‘will grow from the center of the plant. It is best to trim these off when they are about 10″ and use them in cooking. They are great to stir fry or chop and use in any dish requiring garlic. NOTE: not all garlic will grow scapes, usually the soft neck will not grow a normal sized scape.
    12. The scapes are trimmed because they rob strength from the garlic bulb. If left on the plant they will go to seed. Leave on a few plants if you want to save seeds. BUT I DON’T RECOMMEND THIS.
    13. Garlic begins to mature when the bottom leaves begin to turn brown or dry up and the main stalk is still green. This is usually late June to the middle of July. Harvest when three to four of the bottom leaves turn brown and before the entire stalk turns brown. I have found the weather is a large factor and determines when the garlic is ready to dig. For example, in 2015 I started digging garlic the end of June, but in 2017 I didn’t dig in June but late July.
    14. To harvest, use a shovel and dig the entire bulb. Do not leave any garlic in the garden, harvest everything you plant. Allow to dry on a rack, in the shade for two to three weeks. Then trim the top to about two inches and trim the roots to about ½ inch.
    15. Rub one or two paper layers off to clean the garlic. Keep the garlic dry. DO NOT CLEAN GARLIC WITH WATER.
    NOTE: Each garlic bulb will have 4-18 cloves, depending on the type. Figure how much garlic you use and plant twice as much….you will love this ‘fresh’ garlic!!!!
    Did you know 80% of the garlic purchased from the grocery store is from China? It is easy to see how your fresh garlic will taste much better.

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    Pam Olsen